This product includes 3 boxes of 'The Grand Creators' and can't be sold separately.


Ce produit inclut 3 exemplaires de la boîte de boosters 'Les Grands Créateurs' et n'est pas sécable.


The Grand Creators wills 3 new strategies into existence and features a brand-new, World Premiere Spell Card for Inzektors, the winner of the 2020 Create-A-Card Project, selected by the Yu-Gi-Oh! community! In addition, 15 more cards, a mix of old and new cards, will become Collector's Rares in this 60-card booster set. Here's a hint of what you can expect from each theme! - Art that comes alive! These monsters pour their blood and sweat into their craft to create their masterpieces. Use as many Level 3 Psychic monsters in your Deck as you can to maximize the destructive potential of their Level 11 Synchro Monster. - A Dutiful Xyz Monster who saves souls! A theme with an Xyz Monster that repels evil. - An exciting adventure awaits you! Gather your fellowship and become the hero of your own Duel! The Grand Creators will also contain the card created as a result of the 2020 Create-A-Card Project, a powerful Spell Card that will enhance "Inzektor" Decks and strategies to a whole new level! Make sure your Inzektor Deck is sleeved up and ready to go! Inzektors were chosen by the fans through a series of single-elimination polls, emerging victorious out of the 16 themes that were part of the project. Fans were tasked with choosing which theme should receive a World Premiere card in a 2021 product, as well as what card type it should be, and what kind of product it should be released in. They chose an Inzektor Spell Card to be released in one of 2021's 60-card booster sets, and fittingly, The Grand Creators is the stage this new card will debut on. The Grand Creators booster set contains 60-cards: - 10 Ultra Rares - 15 Super Rares - 35 Rares *15 cards in the set are also available as Collector's Rares The display contains 24 booster packs.



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Boîte de boosters 'The Grand Creators' (En) x3 (58.50€/u)

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